Pilot is the first episode of NBC's Civilization and the first season. It serves as the pilot introducing most the of the major characters for the season. It was aired on NBC on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

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In a fictionalized version of Earth, seven civilizations; America, France, Greece, Japan, India, Russia, and China, fight in wars and lie in peace in the year of 2000 AD.

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Quentin Bare and Patrick Dunn arrive at a village on horses. Quentin brings the villagers out to ask them if they know where Chinese fugitive, Syaoran Hu. After many of them shake their heads, Patrick kills an innocent man. One villager, Ethan Harrison, steps up and tells the soldiers that a Chinese man fitting the description of Hu ran past his house the other day. Quentin smiles and he and Patrick ride off into the forest. Ethan runs back into his house along with his two children, Peter and Tom.

Quentin and Patrick take out their swords when they hear footsteps. However, instead, Greek soldier Yulian Venediktov jumps out with his two other warriors and attack them. Quentin and Patrick are killed and left for the animals. Yulian takes off with his two soldiers, one injured. In the American capital city of Washington, president Charles Hall is meeting with Greek king, Harry Colonomos. Harry boasts about his men defeating Quentin and Patrick so the two sign a peace treaty while Charles must leave the Greek alone for at least two months. Charles mentions the Chinese and Harry reveals that he and the Chinese are at war at the moment but the Chinese emperor refuses to meet with him. Charles asks him about any other civilizations out there. Harry laughs and says he knows many others. Charles wonders about this.

Indian prime minister, Lakhan Bath stands before three men in tears. Lakhan mentions how they failed to protect the Indian city of Aglaso, therefor falling into the hands of the Japanese.


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  • Season One main cast member, Zendaya (Haruka Sakai), is credited but does not appear in this episode.
  • The episode title refers to the fact that this is the pilot episode of Civilization.